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"Warning To All Dog Owners: Don't Be A Victim Of Aggressive Dog Bites... Get The Facts From A Top Dog Behaviorist and Learn How To Prevent Dog Bites Or Even Teach Your Dog to Stop Biting."
Are you a dog owner that's suffering from fear of owning the neighborhood dog that bites the little girl or the postman? Or are you afraid of losing your loving dog to legal action or being sued as a result of your dog’s aggressive behavior? Working with a local behaviorist from GrumpyPuppy.com You'll uncover secret tips and strategies that will unleash the hidden obedient instinct that's hiding inside your dog … and take your dog's behavior to the next level.
"Here's What You MUST Know To Bring Your Dog Biting To a Quick End"
You're about to discover what may turn out to be the most powerful and effective dog behavior program ever developed. You will learn the same methods and strategies used by top behaviorists---the masters--to have an obedient well behaved dog all the time.
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Instant Access To Our 1 hour webinar with business owner and dog behaviorist Tony Nila sharing "The Pros/Cons Of Training Tools" When Working With Dogs .

In addition you will also receive a one hour phone consultation with Tony Nila to discuss the details of your case before your Ongoing in person sessions with one 
of our Grumpy Puppy Behaviorists! 

After Your Initial Month You Will Recieve:
2 bi-weekly in home one-on-one sessions every month! 

And as a way of saying thank you you will receive our:
Dog Bite Prevention E-book!

Tony Nila
Tony Nila Is a Canine Behaviorist with over 25 years experience. He is an expert thoroughly trained in canine ethology, learning theory, interpreting canine body postures and specializes in behavior modification for Wolfdogs & Coyote crosses A.K.A Coydogs. Tony was an Animal Behavior College Mentor, Former host of K9 Talk Radio in Flagstaff AZ, and owner of one of the biggest dog behavior companies in Orange County. Tony has taught and given lectures at Shasta College and now lives and offers canine behavior services in Shasta County California. Tony also offers Business Consulting & Mentorship.
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Dog Bite Prevention E-Book 
 · Learn the most common mistakes dog owner's makes that may promote aggression and how to avoid them. You’ll know how to help your dog develop good behaviors and become the best friend of man that you always expected your dog to be.

 · How to recognize the warning signs your dog always gives before a bite and how to remove potential triggers. You’ll be able to sense your dog’s behavior even before you dog reacts aggressively! 

· 7 little known warning signs your dog gives before biting. What you can do to immediately recognize any of these signs. 

· Discover 7 reasons why your puppy and older dog bites and how to prevent this behavior. 

· 11 rules for buying a puppy. Learn from mistakes most dog owners make in choosing a puppy. How to evaluate your environment and put other conditions into consideration in order to have a best dog that suits you and your home.

 · Uncover the little known secret that top dog trainers use when rehabilitating dogs using positive reinforcement training techniques.

 · Find out how to make your dog a friendly dog. Discover the influence of nature on the development of canine aggression

· Learn about seven amazing ways to teach your puppy bite inhibition. 

· The four chewing modification methods and how you can protect property loss due to aggressive chewing.

 · 21 dog behaviorist secrets to preventing aggressive dog bites.

 In addition, you’ll also discover … 
· “Object exchange” rule of socialization and why knowing this can accelerate your dog obedience quicker and easier than you ever thought possible. Just like the musician must master his scales so the dog owners must master these rules to have a friendly dog.
· “Food bowl games” sure-fire techniques to solving food aggression. How you can use this to transform your puppies food aggression into a well behaved older dog.
· Why so many dog owners misuse the “no bite” command. Learn the proper way that accredited dog trainers are using this technique to have a bite free dog.
· Why the ‘rule of many’ is such a powerful training method you can perform to become skilled at fixing your dog’s aggressive behavior.
· Alpha techniques and its effects on your dog behavior. Amazing truth from a guru dog behavior specialist.
· Reasons why use of toy games in reconditioning your puppy’s possessiveness with objects is the best method of solving aggressive behavior.
· Simple positive reinforcement training to reconditioning your dog to normal behavior. How to recondition your dog to accept what most other dogs will not accept.
· Best top dog training rule to fixing any dog problem – biting, jumping, chewing and many more in minimum time.
· How to build trust in your dog using positive reinforcement strategies. Top trainer's ways of establishing a strong relationship with a dog.
· Never before revealed positive reinforcement training techniques for rehabilitating your dog.
· Discover a method that turned a hard mouthing half terrier puppy ‘Nesa’ into a soft mouth, loving terrier in as little as 7 days.
·  Secret socialization methods to having a friendly dog at home. Step by step socialization tips from puppy to older dog. How to do it to get maximum result.
· The rule of seven and its relevance to successful socialization of your dog.
· 15 do’s and don’ts of socialization. Best ways to introduce your puppy or dog into your house.
· 17 socialization steps for parents expecting baby. How to ensure that your house is safe for the coming baby.
· Tree Rule for children. Expert’s opinion on how to prevent your children from unexpected dog bites by teaching them how to stand like a tree rule.
·  A teething response plan any dog owner can follow to soften the impact of teething on your dog. Thus preventing aggressive puppy mouthing.
· Learn from expert’s opinion on praising your dog’s actions. Know when to praise your dog and how to do praise effectively.
· Simple exercises that will help boost your puppy’s body system, speed his teething period and make him more comfortable.
· Effects of tug of war game you may not know. How these promote aggression in your dog, creating a non secure environment for your children and neighbors.
· Seven things you should do if your dog bites. How to be a responsible dog owner, avoid serious legal action of getting your dog euthanized.
· Dogs chasing cars. How to recognize the causes of this negative behavior and positive reinforcement techniques to stop this behavior.
· Canine bloat and temperament. Top dog behavior methods to keep your dogs mind as healthy as their body.
  All this ­and more will get your dog bite proof, improve his obedience faster than you expect. You see, once you take care of the fundamentals then everything else falls into place.
   Do you know what a football coach does anytime his team doesn’t perform as they should? You’ve got it … He takes them right back to the basics of the game.
 This proven manual will get you mastering the basics and on the road to becoming an admired dog owner in your community.

So What Does This means To You?
You’re guaranteed to become a better dog owner much faster than any other route you can take. You’ll gain better control of your dog’s behavior, more consistency in your training and a winning confidence that can turn you into an admired dog owner. You’ll find yourself understanding your dog’s behavior better than you thought possible. It doesn’t matter what your ability, age or starting point is. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily your dogs behavior will improve.

Best of all, you can learn at your own pace by simply reading "Dog Bite Prevention" and practice using the suggested exercises. Yes, once you get this book in your hands you’ll discover everything you need to know in an easy lesson-by-lesson format.
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Even if you’ve taken other training lessons before, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results you get from using our Monthly Aggression Program.

In fact, this sought after program is usually only offered to students who pay $1450 to attend our 3 day workshop with Behaviorist Tony Nila.

 Just The Book In Itself The Dog Bite Prevention Book …
… took up to 7 months to assemble
… tips contained has produced a bite free dogs and happy dog owners
… its your guide to new and exciting dog obedience training
… will develop the skills you deserve
is the finest book ever written on dog bite prevention
Your small investment is only $395/Month! 

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One Year Access to The Socialization & Distraction Program. The pack walk & socialization program is normally $2400, but you get access free of charge for the whole year! that is a $1200 Value! Socialization & Distraction Program Includes:

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BONUS 2: Raw Food Dietary 1 Hour Consultation.
In this consultation, we will go over your pets nutrition and daily routine. You will expect to learn about the PMR model diet and BARF model diet. 
You can't lose
The small investment you’re making now will bring the break that you’ve been waiting for. Wouldn’t you be thrilled to know that you can walk your dog to park with confidence knowing that your dog will behave well among other people and other dogs.
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You deserve the opportunity to improve your skills now and leave friends and neighbors alike shocked with how fast you’ve improved in your dog training ability.
The bottom line is that the tools have been made available to you and it’s now up to you to make full use of them. It’s now your time to dig into the mind of master trainer and uncover the secrets that have made a well behaved bite free dog and a responsible owners too.
Why settle for the mediocre when you can have excellence? This is the opportunity to excel at your dog obedience training game that you’ve been waiting for.
 You’ll wonder how you ever manage without it.
Wishing You happy, obedient bite free dog!

Your First Month Includes…
Instant Access To Our 1 hour webinar with business owner and dog behaviorist Tony Nila sharing inside trade secrets of understanding, controlling
 and managing dog aggression.

In addition you will also receive a one hour phone consultation with Tony Nila to discuss the details of your case before your Ongoing in person sessions with one 
of our Grumpy Puppy Behaviorists! 

After Your Initial Month You Will Recieve:
2 bi-weekly in home Private one-on-one sessions every month! 

And as a way of saying thank you you will receive our:
Dog Bite Prevention E-book!

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